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Monday's Flowers

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You're absolutely right, Pat! But it will be an all day project when I get around to it.


Oh, that would be so frustrating to me! It would be great if it turned out that changing the settings made you rethink your rejects, because we all seem to love them, and it would be terrific if you decided they were worth posting! Besides, it would save a lot of wear and tear on your hand if you found you had many more to post... :-)))


Pat, it turns out that my monitor settings changed without my knowledge! I can't remember now when I first noticed that white was no longer white! All I know is that colors have been playing games with my brain for a long time. I'll make something during the night that I love, but when I see it in the morning or afternoon it looks awful (which is why a lot of times I don't post a lot of my puzzles). Microsoft has a setting for night vision....which doesn't help. BUT resetting my monitor settings might. :-) I'll have to go back and recheck a bunch of my rejected puzzles when I get the time.


That's really strange, not being able to see the color white... Since we all (minus you, of course!) agree that this is terrific as is, I have to wonder what it looks like on your monitor, compared to ours.


Pat, I spent last night TRYING to brighten up the flowers but never could really accomplish it. For some reason, lately, I can never see the color white colors are really being throwing me off. I suppose I need to do something about the color adjustment in the monitor.


I think it's perfect as is! I especially like the curvy stems and the leaves at the bottom--a wonderfully free-flowing contrast to the stylized flowers and geometric background! :-)))


Mary, with all the dances you've been able to do, I hope you're finding new dance steps. ;-)

Mandy, I wanted to brighten up the actual flowers because they're a bit dull compared to the leaves and the background. And besides brightening up the basic flowers, I wanted to add color to the centers of each of the flowers. Actually, I have other versions I made the night before last and may 'steal' one of those to post in a larger size today. I'm not sure yet.

Thank you very much, ms whatnauts. :-)


Wonderful flowers, ms wendy.


Wendy, this is my first puzzle of the day and it's 23:58!!! It's gorgeous and a wonderful combination of my favourite pinwheel with your speciality flowers, I can't imagine what 2 things you could have done to improve it :~)


Wow! What a crazy puzzle and a fun solve. Doing the Crazy Puzzle and Fun Flower Solve Dance and it's whacky! Thanks, Wendy!


PJ and Ardy, I finished this right before I posted.........but realize that I DIDN'T really finish it. I had two more things to do. Oh well. I'm glad you both liked it anyway. :-)


Love flowers. Great background. Lots of fun, Wendy. Thank you.


I love it, Wendy. Goregeous. Great fun. What a smart combination - pinwheel and your special flowers :-))))