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A phoropter view of mariasha's eyes as seen against the wallpapered room of the optometrist's office

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Exactly, Mr. Bugosi. She needs to get a second and third opinion.

Mandy, I know that you and whatnauts have made mention of visual problems with some of my puzzles, so I really should include both your sets of eyes as well. In the future I suppose I'll have to do that. It's just that mariasha needs special care.

So Ardy, you're having eye problems too? I suppose you could call it something new. I just figured that I'd do something different for a change...and lined wallpaper came to mind.

Jan, I'm so glad you had fun!

whatnauts, exactly!


Good thing she's at the optometrist's office with eyes like these.


Great puzzle.

Triple fun: title, puzzle and comments!


Felt like I still had drops in my eyes here except that the wallpaper isn't blurry. Something new? Added to the interest. Thanks, Wendy.


Love this idea Wendy - its really cool. It actually made my eyes go funny when solving it - had to be quick, in case the wind changed!!!


I think she should see another optometrist.........(certainly worth looking into)...


Thank you, Mr. Bugosi. Maybe I'll line the ice cream stand with it when I finally make it for the park. Did you notice that the lines in the wallpaper don't line up? That's because the optometrist has bad eyesight too, and never noticed the mismatch. And it's probably the reason why mariasha continues to have eye problems.


Nice wallpaper!......