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Cardinal Kaleidoscope

36 pieces
145 solves
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I'm glad you both enjoyed this puzzle, Linda and Roerick.
Roerick, this last blast has been pretty cold, but not as cold as years ago. Oakdale is near St. Paul, isn't it? I live in Coon Rapids, north of Minneapolis. So we don't live that far apart!


Thanks for the great puzzles. I loved them. I noticed you were talking about Mn. on Randomworship's puzzles. I'm from Mn. too and am actually back living here in Oakdale after living on the East coast for many years. Do love the change of seasons but not the extreme temps in winter here. Can't have one without the other.


How wonderful and bright! I absolutely love the colors and the depth in this puzzle. Thanks for sharing it.


Thank you, Katie and Ardy. I guess I didn't get back to that other puzzle, Ardy. I'm glad you found it. Here's a link to the original cardinal.
Maybe you can see some of the cardinal colors. I did put it through the kaleido makers a few times. I was going to say mixer, but that didn't sound very kind to the cardinal. LOL.


Lovely Gail but I don't see any resemblance to a cardinal. Did you notice I found your pink one from yesterday this morning?


Absolutely stunning Gail!