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Overlapped Circles Swirl (Smaller)

49 pieces
169 solves
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Thanks, Ank--and Happy New Year! :-)))






Hee-Hee.....Happy New Year, thingy-eye-numbers!......Yes, vitamin B for Bugosi!......(also, as well, too)...


Oh, Pat! You and Lela have given me a generous dose of laughter...please include that in your new version of daily requirements!


I am sorry to say that the Boy Scouts would not admit me.......(on account of my elegant ears).......


That is so weird!!! Missing pieces and extra ones! How can that happen? It's not like a boxed puzzle, where the manufacturing machinery could accidentally cut and divide the pieces unevenly, or, more likely, where you could lose one under a chair...! Oh, my!

Thank you for all that you said, Ardy--and I wish you--and everyone here--a wonderful new year, with all my heart! This is such a marvelous family, and I'm grateful to have been accepted as a member!

Lela, were you a Boy Scout? You always are prepared for any eventuality (well, except for stairs and sharp points and loose mosaic tiles and black holes that lead to Disneyland and a certain gentleman from Merbuda tripping you up and.......)...


And everyone scoffed when I said I had missing pieces!........Well, I am now vindicated (sort of, after a fashion, in a way)......
This puzzle had all the pieces, though I carried some spares, just in case......


Ahem, This is a fun puzzle! Love the swirls. Keep 'em coming! Thanks so much, Pat!


Oh, dear. I'm sure glad I found all of the pieces.
If I was to report anything it would be much more along the lines you suggested Pat: "Maybe Pat should write a nutritional supplement handbook for Jigidi, advising people to get their daily recommended allowance of the important vitamins and minerals, which now include Vitamin S (for swirl)...!"
A good laugh, and a good time solving is fine for us. And we get lots of it on Mosaics.


Pat, I did one puzzle that had an extra piece and it wouldn't give me the completed bit with the time box until I found where it went and placed on top of the other piece that it matched. I didn't know one could report that. I thought report was when someone didn't like the content. I remember Jan (Jiggy Belle) saying the she had a puzzle one time with a missing piece and even though she searched all over for it, she never found it.

Back to this wonderful swirly swirl. It is a pleasure in all ways. And this seems a very good place to wish you and yours, including Maggie, Cassie, and Beau, a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thank you, not only for this one right now, but for all the pleasure I get from your puzzles, comments and replies. You have a delightful facility with words and say things so well and so creatively. I wish the best for you always. Hugs.


"It has missing or leftover pieces"--believe it or not, if you try to report a puzzle, this is actually one of the options Jigidi gives you, PJ! (I just copied and pasted it here. If you want to see it for yourself, so you know I'm not making it up, just click on "report" on a puzzle, and it will pop up. Just remember to click "cancel" so the puzzle isn't actually reported!). Are they joking? Is it possible for that to happen?! LOL!


Maybe I should write a nutritional supplement handbook for Jigidi, advising people to get their daily recommended allowance of the important vitamins and minerals, which now include Vitamin S (for swirl)...! And there is no higher compliment for a swirl than "swirly"! LOL! Thanks, Barb, PJ, and Katie--Happy New Year to all!


This swirl is just so, well, swirly! I had a swirlerful time on this one - thanks Pat!


Pat - oh, such a fun swirl. I love them to pieces (but I found all of them!)
Wish you all the best for the new year.


Thanks for your daily swirl, Pat, and may I wish you a happy, healthy and super New Year! :-)