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Kringle bear wishes Growly, Freddy, Frog, Chewy, Maggie & Cassie and Oregon Maggie a very Merry Christmas.

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Thank you, Hester. Kringle just wanted Growly and Freddy to know they were thought about. He's quite a sociable bear and wants everyone to enjoy the season. I join him in wishing you and them a very Merry Christmas. I love the way hugs fly so quickly and easily across the pond and am sending some over to you and them. Freddy would probably prefer a biscuit attached. HUGS.


Ardy what a lovely thought! The bear sends loving festive wishes back across the pond! He is full of goodwill and cheer having discovered the restorative benefits of eggnog! Currently he is laid back in his tree with a cushion, hiccuping and singing carols!!

I wish you a Christmas full of love, laughter and the occasional goodie.Hugs, Hester xx

ps Kringle Bear rocks!.... there could be a song in there!!


Glad you enjoyed it, Pat. Thanks for coming by.


Gorgeous thanks


Glad you didn't mind that I put the link on T&F but Kringle bear wanted to send greetings to Frog and Chewy. He will appreciate their response I know.


That is lovely Ardy, thank you so much you have made one little frog very happy . . . :D)
Merry Christmas Kringle Bear (krik . . . I mean crikey try saying that after one too many . . . lol)

Pssst . . . Chewy says Merry Christmas to all those purrrrfect 'pudding tats' and if he could woof he would say . . .


I'll do that and Kringle bear apologizes for forgetting Micky. He wishes Micky a very Merry Christmas too. Thanks Ank.


And if you are doing that, say hello from Micky too. Love this.


I shall pass Maggie & Cassie's greeting on to Kringle bear. And you are so right about cats. Fluffy will be glad to hear from Beau and returns the greeting. Meow.


Glad you got a smile to brighten up your afternoon, Dagmar. Thanks for your lovely comment. Appreciate it.


Maggie and Cassie wish Kringle the bear a very Merry Christmas as well! And my cat Beau wishes Fluffy the same--cats get exclusive greetings because they're....well....cats!!! LOL!


What a wonderful Christmas greeting and what a cosy Christmas corner. :)) A Merry Christmas to Kringle Bear as well.
You are getting better and better with your camera and compositons Ardy. :))
Thanks for a smile in my afternoon and now I'd better hurry off to work. :))


So glad Maggie liked and replied to her greetings. Thanks, Jan, for the interpretation. I don't speak very fluent "dog."


Thanks Hanne. Even the animals need recognition and greetings. Glad you enjoyed it.


Maggie wished Kringle and Ardy a very Merry Christmas right back! (really, she said woof, woof, bark and I had to translate!) Fun puzzle, Ardy!!


Oh, it's beautiful and very sweet, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!