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Pencil crayon kaleido

81 pieces
230 solves
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Thanks, Gail, happy to hear you had fun with this puzzle. :-)


I love the design and the colors!Thank you for a fun puzzle, Barb.


I'm so pleased you had fun with this, Mariasha. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :-)

I don't think we'll be getting that much snow, Katie, just flurries predicted for the next few days, maybe an inch or so in all. It is sunny here too but awfully cold for me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :-)


Fantastic kaleido Barb! It's a good thing there are rays of light emanating outward, because those center look suspiciously like snowflakes! We have snow in the forecast for the next 3 days and could get up to 8" by late Monday. Today, although very cold, is very sparkly with sun on yesterday's inch of snow.

I really liked this one, it was fun to do...thanks.


Thanks, Jan. Glad you think it's a good one too. So interesting what the kaleido maker will do. :-)


Barb, this is one of my favorites, too. The "rays" and the way they move are stunning. I kept thinking about rays of light and starshine. Gorgeous puzzle!!


I think this is one of my favourites of all that I've posted, Ardy. The pieces just flew together for me. LOL
Even beat Kirsten for the second time this week which is remarkable although no one can beat Turbo Franc! :-))
Do hope it's warmer where you are than here. It's downright freezing here. Brrrrrrr!!!


Love this Barb. I thought I was faster than I was. Guess it's because I was enjoying it so much. Time flies when you're having fun!! LOL Thank you.


Sometimes the kaleido maker comes up with something quite magical, Kirsten. I was very pleased with this one as I could see the pencil crayons. Glad you like the colours in this one too. Thanks. :-)


Isn't the kaleido maker magical Barb? I would have said these were pleated fabric!! And I love those colours - some of them seem quite art deco to me. Or maybe the geometric shapes were influencing that thought. I'm not sure. But I really liked it. Thanks so much. :)))