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Quartina...a bigger view of the rooster's perch

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I should have turned the lights on in the pantry closet (glass panels in doors) and I didn't have the under cabinet lights on next to it. The light fixture over the cooktop island is a big set of canning jars; they're on a dimmer switch. That's a teacup wall sconce over the pantry closet.


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Thanks Cherlock! It works best when there's a big crowd, having a good time. Carole

P.S. Am about to post a puzzle of the inside of my pantry...with the little chicken sitting in a little chair.

Such a perky fun kitchen !


KL, you must have been posting your comment at the same time that I was posting mine! I didn't see yours until this AM. My husband built all of the cabinets in my kitchen; he actually built the whole house over a series of years. He built this kitchen AFTER he retired from being a commercial contractor building stores in malls. It's mainly built from a lot of leftover and scrap materials.

I placed my big rooster so he'd look like he just flew up onto the ledge. He's just perfect there.



Thanks TG, Quartina, for such nice remarks...being an old retired gift buyer it just seems to be my passion to pick things out and put them together. I'm in the middle of 45 acres of land so I filled the house with rather tongue-in-cheek country "critturs." When you open my pantry doors, for example, there's a small carved wooden chicken (it's a folk-art piece with legs attached with string) and it's sitting in a little wooden chair next to canned goods. A few months back, I posted a puzzle of my spider cake server and another of my frog table lamp. I just can't take life so's got to have some smiles along the way.

Quartina posts such nice place settings and kitchen scenes that I'm always reminded of going to the annual China & Glass trade show in Atlantic City.

I love all the glass doors, I have them on my cabinets too. The hanging canning jars are beautiful.
What I really like is your Rooster. I collect them too. Thank you Carole.


That is a seriously cheerful kitchen 54gal . . . bet lots of yummy food is made here! Love the canning jar light fixture!!!


You have quite a knack at decorating with a happy style Carole! Thanks for sharing, the room is just magical :)


Thanks for the compliments! It's a happy kitchen, With all that color it's hard to be sad or down-in-the-mouth while being there. I have to admit to buying the canning jar fixture and the teacup; BUT, I painted the was white bisque. Carole

i think it's great, and now you know how it would look if you ever decided to change the color from red to orange. the use of canning jars for the pendant light is brilliant.


I love your pendant lights and the teacup wall sconce is so unique.


Quartina, I posted a close-up puzzle of the rooster before this one but the thumbnail is so dark nobody will notice it. I was trying to show the true RED of the room. The flash make it so orange!