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Winter Food Cache, Alaska

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OK, I'll flesh out my comments below.

As an actual storehouse for provisions it's an impractical extravagance. The owners live where some kind of vehicles can get to them. They might like to stock up, but they could do that AND be bear-proof in or next to their house. And they wouldn't be climbing up and down with one load at a time.

This looks more like a kids' playhouse.


nice tree hous chook!


I understand how it works now, snooker - once it's stocked with food, the door is closed and the ladder is removed. That way their food is safe from bears etc. Nifty idea! The things you learn on jigidi - thanks for that!


Thanks gnt, good to see you!

It would have a door and the ladder, I believe, would be put up only if you were depositing or removing food.


good set


I guess it's meant to, fodus, but am I right in saying that bears can climb? I guess there must be a door on it, surely!

Thanks for your input patsquire and shirley:)


Is this to keep the bears out?


Cute little hideaway, getting the morning sun, Thanks chookies.


What a strange contrast in the new Alaska, chookster, and thanks for showing it to us in such a beautiful picture. A primitive storage system, difficult to get your provisions into, and then back out of. But obviously an expensive manufactured log structure, not one hewn from the surrounding forest. And shipped in to this location by truck, so not an isolated site in the wilderness.