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Sugnetfallet, Rotensugnet, Sweden.

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This is a view down the shoot - almost half of it!! Well, PG, do we take this ride??


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You are SOOOO right, Varda!!!


Dictionaries, like people, are imperfect creations, Hanne.


But this is extraordinarily and exactly the thing we've got here!! Why doesn't my dictionary say that?? Thanks so very much Varda!!! Flume - I'll remember!!


A flume is an open artificial water channel, in the form of a gravity chute, that leads water from a diversion dam or weir completely aside a natural flow. Often, the flume is an elevated box structure (typically wood) that follows the natural contours of the land. These have been extensively used in hydraulic mining and working placer deposits for gold, tin and other heavy minerals. They are also used in the transportation of logs in the logging industry, electric power generation and to power various mill operations by the use of a waterwheel. Examples of flumes are Venturi flumes and Parshall flumes. Flumes are not to be confused with aqueducts, which are built with the goal of transporting the water, whereas a flume would use the flowing water to transport other materials


No, unfortunately, they have stopped totally with logging!! So it just STANDS there!! Thanks so very much Jo!!

You are right about the river indeed!! It's not as bad as going down Niagara Falls but I wouldn't do that either!! Thanks so very much, Dagmar!!


The ride doesn't seem so bad but the landing is quite something else, I'm not a bad swimmer, but I don't think I would like to try this. I suppose it is difficult for a river to become rougher. :))))
Thanks for a very impressive and powerful view. :))


Interesting to see up close like this!! A great invention by mankind, for use in the wilderness, still used by some loggers today, I think. Thanks for showing!! :) :)


You are right!! Some smart tourist person ought to see the possibilities in this!! It's used for nothing really now!! Thanks so very much PG!!


Now that could be a true E ticket ride and the sign at the start should read," IQ below 55 required to ride this ride". If we could just revisit the landing things could work.


Exactly, Sandy, that's the problem!! Thanks so very much!!


It probably wouldn't be such a bad ride, until you get to the end. LOL


Ha, I do understand you, Ardy!! Let's walk instead - thanks so very much!!


Thanks for the offer of a ride but I think I'd rather walk. Great picture. Hard to imagine the water level being this high. Thanks, Hanne.


Oh, I'm so glad that you haven't!! Really it would be tough!! Thanks so very much Jana!!


Thank you Hanne, it's very nice, but I do not have suicidal tendencies, I guess I did not go there :-))