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Old Bermuda cannons.

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Bermuda has many very old cannons from the many stone forts built on the Island. There are two 38ton 12 1/2 inch cannons from the British Armaments of which only six are known to exist in the world. These three here are I believe 18 ton guns capable of firing a 400LB shell 1,000 yards to penetrate 11 inches of steel! Quite a few of these have been restored and in their original gun emplacements. Most large countries had many old guns melted down for much neede steel during the two World wars. Bermuda managed to save many because of it's geographical site and expense of shipping them back to Britain. A few forts were erected starting in 1612 to defend against the Spanish, then many more in the 1800s to defend against the United States of America!! This was Britain's so-called Gibraltar of the western Atlantic and was a strategic outpost. In fact the US sent three famous spies here in the 1800s to map out every fort, the disposition of locals towards Americans and devised a plan to capture the Town of St. George's and it's strategic forts. Thankfully that never happened and Bermudians and Americans have been good friends since.
Hopefully these cannons will be restored eventually and put back in place.


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Hi Jana, we all learn so much here about other cultures, history and even personal life. That is what makes it fun, thanks.

You're welcome Celeste and thanks.

You too Shirley and thanks.

Thanks a lot lajuin, glad you both enjoyed it. Thank Pam please.


Hi Robbie - I sent the puzzle to Pam and below is her response.

Oh! I did the puzzle, went back and read all the comments then did the puzzle again just so I could get another good look at them. Beautiful cannons and marvelous history.

Kudos to you!


Thank you, Robbie, for the great puzzle, and the History of them.


Wow super cool and thanks for the info :)


Thank you Robbie, I did not know that was a strategic island of Bermuda, and that there have old guns, oh yeah, the man knows so little.....


Thanks PLG.


Interesting! Thanks, Robbie!


My thanks to you too JB and PKH, amazing the interest a few rusted cannons brought out!!


Many thanks for the background/history, Robbie. They are amazing pieces.


What an amazing history on these cannons, Robbie. They are so HUGE. And they are so nice to puzzle, as rusted as they are! Thanks for sharing them with us. They are magnificent!


Hi Kari, good to see you again and best wishes for the new year to you and yours. We had a great Christmas thanks, hope you did also and thanks for coming by.

Hi GS, I had to look up potted history, from you and Lela. Thanks very much, glad you liked it.


Yes Lela, these would fire anywhere in the world. A good spot would be right on top of Jenny's 'potted plants!' I'll tell her you made the suggestion. I wonder if I gave her a block and tackle, long crowbar and a maddock she would be able to move one for me?! I could drink a swizzle and make her a cup of tea!

You're welcome chickie.

Usually I'm the one doing something like that Michelle, now two of us! Thanks again, I left you a comment. The only hotel I know was called The Bermudiana and was owned By the shipping line Furness Withy. It burnt down in the early 60s or late 50s, I should have checked before starting this. I watched it burning from school, it was frightening. Anyway they rebuilt it but only lasted another 20 or so years and was eventually sold to two huge re-insurance giants Ace and Excel who built their corporate headquarters there. Don't know if that is the one, a little more info and I probably could find out. Anyway we do have a lovely island and most people enjoy themselves. Welcome!!'re a gem!! The swizzles are full of vitamen C!

It sure does PPM, I remember hearing that the US Navy and a large photo company did a lot of testing here because our climate was one of the worst for salt and humidity. Of course companies today want products to fall apart right after the warranty period!

Oh yes chooks, but we seem to be at peace right now, I'm sure he will think of something to get my goat soon!

Glad you enjoyed it Hanne and yes it sure will.

I agree Ardy and yes much better being friends!

Thanks K2 and glad you like the Island.


Interesting photo and potted history lesson. Thanks Robbie.

Hi Robbie! I bet you would love to have these in front of your house... LOL. Anyway thanks for the fun puzzle and info. I hope you, Jenny and your parents have had a great Christmas and I also would like to wish a happy 2013! :-))


It's on the bucket list, Katerin! (Your avatar is a riot!)


Love the history and information you provide with your pictures Robbiel. Thank you for taking the time to share.
Puzzleaddled - you should go visit Bermuda if at all possible. It's a lovely place and the family connection would make it even more enjoyable.


I like being able to put information under the puzzle. Now one doesn't have to scroll down to the bottom comment to find it. I like this information and am glad we are friends now. Thanks, Robbie.


Thanks for the fine information, Robbie - obviously it will take some elbow grease to remove the rust!! Thanks so very much!!


Just imagine the damage they could do to Jacques!!!! Interesting reading, thanks Robbie:)


Salt air will have its way with ferrous metals.


Oooooh GO, Michele!!! You're so close. (But stay away from Robbie's rum swizzles!) :D


Great, you teach me something interesting and I find it after I posted a cheeky puzzle to you. There's gratitude for you.

I didn't realize you live in Bermuda, Robbie. Apparently I had a great-aunt who, years gone by, used to own a hotel called The Bermudian (or something like that). My mother never got the opportunity to visit so I can't tell you where but the when was probably 50 years ago...or more! I've always wanted to visit (you know how family folklore can entice). Friends of mine were there a few years ago and had a marvelous time.


Thanks for the history Robbie.


Well, that was a very interesting 'potted history'.........These would look very nice in your garden - imagine the damage you could do!.......


You are welcome Nana and Trish. I did take the picture, thanks to you both.


thanks for the puzzle and the history. did you take the picture?


Very interesting, Robbie! Thanks!