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Frilly Flirterfly

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I'm glad you liked it, Gail--thanks! :-)))


Very pretty butterfly, Pat. Thank you for a fun puzzle.


Despite the cold and occasional snow, I still see the green shoots pushing through the earth, and even a few very early snow flowers, and the trees start to show swelling buds, so, call me an optimist, I stick March in spring! But you still agree that June counts as a summer month, even though 3/4 of it is technically spring, which is what I was trying to say about the way our perceptions don't follow the official designations... :-)))


I love this frilly flirterfly lots and lots. The colors do remind me of the color of Easter. I never think of spring until April because we still have too much cold weather and too many chances for snow. So we do only have two months of spring and then loverly summertime.


Yes, we sometimes get snow in March, but I still think of it as spring, probably because if I didn't, spring would only have 2 months under my system! LOL! Thanks, whatnauts! :-)))


Oh, what a delicate beauty this frilly flirterfly is.

I'm with you, PD, on the seasons with the exception of spring. It's not unusual to get a late snowfall or two, even into the beginning of April, so I don't start thinking about warmer weather until April.


I'll feel more cheerful when it's March 1st, even though that's only one day after February. Somehow, just that word means Spring is almost here! I don't know if everyone else thinks of the seasons the same way, but I tend to see the month when a season begins as belonging to that season, even though there's usually only a week or so of the season at the end of it. To me, March is a spring month, June is summer, September is autumn, and December is winter, even though 3/4 of them belong to the previous season, really......

Anyway, thanks so much, everyone! I'm glad this cheered up the day! :-)))


Love the title, Pat! It was also great fun to solve. The colors in the swirls were just perfect!
I'm looking out at grey wintry sunshine. Not a sign of spring in sight! sigh


Beautiful spring colours, I shall be on the look our for this in the coming weeks. Thanks Pat. :~)


I have a bag of candy coated Easter eggs here beside me and it looks like you used the same colour pallet. Now I want to eat one. Thanks Pat.


Hi Pat, this is indeed very lovely! If only we were flirting with spring... it sounds like the weather I had yesterday has reached you. It's another gloomy day here with more rain on the doorstep. And it's supposed to change over to snow by evening. So thanks very much for this pretty diversion!


Thanks so much, Ank, Barb, roseheather, and Ardy. I thought this one would be a welcome harbinger of spring, which can't come too soon for me! Today we have a dark, col, rainy day, and these colors and its come-hither look (!) made me smile despite the weather! :-)))


This is the second rare fly today. (I was on the other profile first). I almost recorded it as a Flitterfly but read Barb's comment and realized I had misread the title. I have corrected it on the master list, Pat. I supposed with the coming of warmer weather in our half of the world there will be more flies appearing. Thanks for showing us this one. It does look quite flirty with it's soft, warm colors


Lovely colors. ; )


Aha, a butterfly which flirts. :-))) I hope Ardy has her little black book handy to mark this new sighting. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Pat. :-)


Love this fly. Spring is around the corner. I hope this fly will show up in my garden. I even made the board. Will not be long. Thanks Pat.