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yet more snowmen

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thanks Robbie, seems to be the general opinion


Hi June, I think the middle one definitely stands out and I like the design, thanks.


Hi Katie that's the best kind, I love to watch it snowing bit fluffy flakes just don't want it on the ground


Hi June, I'm happy to see more snowmen! My favorites are top left and bottom center. It's snowing at my house right now, but I don't think there will be enough to build a snowman. We'll be lucky to get enough to cover all the grass. It's cold, so I'd rather have snow than rain!


Hi Ardy, dogmom and Joyce thank you. Glad to say I am not an expert on snow, we hardly ever get it here, just cold, wind and rain and that's enough


Add me along with everyone else for that middle snowman!!
'dogmom' you're so right about those moonlit winter nights.....beautiful!!! Many thanks again June!! :)))
(time, 4:38)


Like everyone else, I especially like the middle square. Blue is my favorite color so that may have something to do with. However, since I live in Michigan and am expert on things winter, a winter moonlit night often throws that warm gray color on the trees as the snow falls. It's just a super image.

How do you ladies make these mosaics?


Hi June. Love the snowmen. I agree with Barb about the middle one. Thanks for this delight.


Hi Kirsten and Barb, thank you glad you are enjoying them. Now get plenty of rest Kirsten, don't want you worn out for the big day. I just do the little ones myself


It may not be as colourful as all the rest, but I love the middle one. Very elegant and simple with a very happy snowman inside. Thanks, June! :-)


Thanks June!! I've so missed your puzzles over the last week or so. I've been nodding off as I try to solve the big 'uns, and have ended up bookmarking them, along with squillions of others. So I think for the next little while, I'm gonna do the little 'uns until I'm less busy and can catch up. Thanks for these fun little snow men. :)))