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This and That!!

64 pieces
170 solves
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Thank you Judy, it's good to know you enjoyed this one :~)

:~))) @ Edie




This and that was really fun, Mandy. Thanks for the nice pastels and the challenge of figuring out which puzzle the pieces belong to. Wow! I really enjoyed the solve, and I was every bit as slow as always. It just gives me more time to savor the experience. :-))


That's good to hear, thanks Hester!

I hope you would Edie, since you said you liked my last collage I'll try to put one together once in a while!! It's so nice to bring fun to everyone :~)

Wonderful, thanks Kirsten, and with a very respectable time :~)


I really enjoyed it too, Mandy! Thanks!! :)))

And thought I was going slowly, so am surprised to see myself on the board, a respectful few rungs below Edie!! So I wasn't doing as badly as I thought!!


This and that and then some. Love this format, like getting 9 for the same free price as oneLOL
Thanks Mandy, really fun


Me too! :-)


I'm glad you were pleasantly surprised, thanks mariasha, it's good to know you had fun :~)

I thought, from the similar colors, that it would be much trickier, but the pieces seemed to fall right into place. Thanks for the fun.