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Abisko Canyon, Sweden.

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On our way we also pass the gate to one of the most famous tracks in Sweden: Kungsleden. It's many years ago I stood here for the first time and had a terrific feeling of all those thousands and thousands of feet having passed this place during many, many years. We'll walk part of it later.


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Don't we agree, Mary, thanks so very much!!


Interesting; I love tracks & paths in the woods.


It's a big red wooden cross - a sign to show that this is a track for snowscooters. Then they can follow the red signs when they can't see what's underneath. They are everywhere, sometimes walking paths follow the tracks, sometimes they part from them and you have to be on your watch!! Thanks so very much Jo!

I'ts many years ago, Jana, I was young and beautiful - now I'm just be... ehhhh - better stop now!! LOL!! Thanks so very much dear:-)))

Yes, Ank it was in 2003 - SO many years ago!! 5.45! Ohh, I wouldn't be able to, but wish you a nice tour!! Thanks so very much dear!!

Well as you see, Cinder it's a long time ago, but we still walk in and out that gate. Thanks so very much!!


Nice picture of you now. Be careful on your walks now.


Nice photo Hanne, yes it's a few years ago. Very nice.
IToday I only solve this, the rest I looked pictures, it's all nice.
I have to wake up very early 5.45. I go with Micky for her haircut. So now it's bedtime. :-)))


Nice to see you Hanne :-)))))))))) Thank you so very much dear friend :-)))) hugs


What is the red thing you are smiling at? It didn't zoom in close, or clear enough to see! It looks like a bird? Nice picture of you! Thanks! :) :)