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Write a Caption! road race

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Curious about this? It is a race called the "Roadkill Race." I think that says it all.....


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I used to know a small town New England cop who gathered up road kill deer in the fall, and held a big fund-raising dinner in January each year, for the Police Widows Fund. (He always said you only get 1/2 that's usable, either the front half or the rear, depending on where the car hit the deer!) It was a very popular affair.


I had to look at it a while too, then I saw a teddy bear's head, looking left. See the button nose at "9 o'clock"? Then as you begin to curve up from there, an eye? I think the part sticking out on the furthest upper right is an ear. I'm guessing this is what's left of her Teddy, which brings her luck... as well as representing "roadkill", the race theme.


ROFLMBO! Love the captions!! Thank you!!


patsquire.... it appears to be road kill. Or as it's fondly known, Road Pizza. This is the first time I've ever seen it used as a fashion statement. It's more of a wardrobe malfunction to me.


The "Alien" remake was on an impossibly low budget.


Rebecca - not "bare?" LOL


Nope. Solved it, expanded it, still can't figure it out. What the h*ll is that thing? Somebody please tell me, and explain, so I can see it too!


In response for their sponsorship, Jan kept her promise to her friends to run the race "bear".


The Hallowe'en 5K race got a bit more dangerous when it ran through the Teddy Bear's Picnic. The Teddy Bears got violent after their tea cups were stepped on and broken. It WAS their favorite china, after all.




Following the race, a road-kill bar-b-que will be prepared by the runners.




Earlier in the race, hard-luck Hannah was run over by a lane-marking truck driven my a bear attempting to escape from the zoo. Needless to say, this left her just slightly disoriented during the rest of the run.....


And a drop bear claims another victim!