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Farm bell pull - Shoes, pot and house

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Thanks, Francine. I love reading comments. Thank you for leaving one.


Thanks Ardy, for posting these lovely pulls. It's fun to read the comments too.


It's so different how it's done. I think it must be very nice to be able to walk from the living house into the stable or the barn without needing to get out. But you are so right about the protected passageways, don't you think they very soon learned what was necessary? - after the first winter i.e.? Then they made something usable for the next time. Just imagine an early morning with heavy rain and storm, it's dark and you have to cross the yard to get into the stable. You carry a lantern in your hand and it threatens to go out, you bend forward against the wind and rain and step down into a puddle that fill your clogs with ice cold water!! You'll invent something I think!!


Thanks, Pat. Have a good night. Hugs.


Beautiful work thanks for sharing. Hugs


Hanne, I wondered because in our colonial New England if the buildings weren't actually attached there were protected passageways so that in bad weather - deep snow etc. one could still get to the animals.


Thanks, Barb. I love reading the comments. Actually one can learn quite a bit on Jigidi. I'll post the bell pull in its entirety tomorrow. I think it's one of the prettiest ones.


Ardy, it is as you think, the middle part is the residence and the buildings to the right and the left are barn and stable. Many times there was a fourth part too but if it was here we wouldn't be able to look into the yard. In the middle of the yard was very often an oldfashioned hand pump for water with some trough for the horses to drink from. The housemaids could go and get what they needed if they hadn't one more pump behind the house outside the kitchen.


Another fine bit of work here, Ardy. :-)
Also enjoy reading other's comments.


Thanks Kirsten. I left a note on your small puzzle a bit ago - a suggestion which I hope you will do. Love the hugs.


Hi ya Ardy - just swinging by to pop another star on your board. And like Jan - I love the shoes on this one. And it IS nice to see what's at the bottom. So what's next?

You probably won't see too much of me around today, as we'll be out and about on our last day at the beach. But I hope you have great day - here in Jigidi or wherever else you go. ((HUGS))


Thanks, Ank. I see you on the board. I'll go check on Hanne's white tree.


I like it Ardy thanks once more.
Ardy I wrote something to Hanne's puzzle about the white tree. I think you want to read it too.


Thanks, Hanne. I thought it looked like the house of a very prosperous family. Actually I wondered if it were part house and part barn. Always love to get your view on these.


Well, it's a big and wealthy farm, indeed - it certainly looks good! It's no wonder that they have good things for the daily use!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Hi Jan. Love how we keep nudging each other on the boards here. It's so much fun to share with you. Thanks for coming over to visit. I think I'll put up a picture of the entire bell pull tomorrow. Safe trip home, my friend.


I love the shoes, Ardy!! What fun! AND we can see the bottom. It is just as interesting as the top! Thanks.