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Strangest critter you've ever seen

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I wondered that too. It's just sooooo strange. I wonder if it expands and contracts. And the detail in the "flower petal" nose - or mouth - or whatever and the whole concept of it is just very, very thought provoking. Are there any other species even similar to it??? Whatever it's about it certainly is adaptable. Thanks again for sharing this one and the info you got about it.


I'm still trying to figure out if it has eyes...


He is just as interesting as he can be but maybe not my best choice just before I try to go to sleep. Along with the jumping spider I solved a few minutes ago, "sweet dreams" may be difficult. Thanks for all the info on him though and he is amazing.


This could have been a character in the bar scene in "Star Wars." lol
Very strange indeed. Thanks Rebecca


Yes, it's alive! Here is the accompanying description:
A macro photo of a waterbear on moss. Tardigrades, commonly known as waterbears or moss piglets, are water-dwelling, segmented creatures with eight legs and measuring just 1mm in length. They are found throughout the world, including regions of extreme temperature, such as hot springs. They can survive extreme pressure, such as deep underwater. They can also survive high levels of radiation and can live in the vacuum of space for several days.