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Version 1 by Bookish ~ in Jigidi

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49 pieces
27 solves
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Thanks for your input, Shirley. I was torn when it came to posting the puzzles as originally there were three versions.


Two interesting puzzles, Francine, I find it difficult to choose between them, perhaps this one by a very small margin.Thanks, Francine.


I'm glad you solved both. :)

It's that eye. :)


I didn't really want to, Francine, but wanted to compare the two full sized. Actually it went quite well.

Never saw many cartoons of any kind but can see this as an alien creature. We didn't have a TV in the house until I was in college. Some neighbors did but we seldom watched it. We were too busy playing. ☺


I didn't expect you'd want to solve this size. Thanks, Ardy. Your feedback is appreciated because I was wondering what people's reaction would be, besides not being popular. BTW, this is an example of how powerful layers can be. Ignoring the fact that the size of version 2 was enlarged at the end, they were mostly identically made except for a changed layer mode.

Do you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons that were watched when we were children? After solving this particular one, I was reminded of the robotic spaceman that Bugs encountered.


I like this better in the preview size but version 2 packs a greater punch in the solved size. If I were choosing I'd opt for version 2. Both so interesting and fun. Thanks, Francine.