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It's an uphill task

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“Indian laborers carry clay bricks to a kiln in Farakka, in the Indian state of West Bengal, on April 3.”

Courtesy of Foreign Policy


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You're very welcome, stunned. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

That is some really HARD labor, cannot image what that does to your head and neck at the end of a day. Thanks for the puzzle and info.


I visited India several times and lived for 6 months in Sri Lanka (right off the southern tip), so I am pretty familiar with their ways. In fact, I wore lungis like this myself around the house. Thanks for your visit and comments, Claire.

Thanks for the info. I have never seen pictures pictures of people from India dressed like this and i never been to India so I guess I have learned something new. Thanks.


Women would never show this much leg! Men hike up their lungis like this whenever they're doing work or something physical.

I assumed they were females thinking that at least some of them were wearing skirts. I've seen men with ankle length "skirts" but not knee length ones (with the exception of Scottish men) especially in these modern days.


It appears to be quite big! That's all I can say. And it's probably much too hot there to wear shoes. Thanks for your comments, Rebecca!


This image leaves me with many questions. How big is this kiln, what do they use for fuel, how much does it take, and how long does it take something that large to reach the right heat? Oh, and how long do the bricks then have to bake? I also imagine where they dig all that clay must look something like a quarry. Very hard physical labor. And no shoes. Which of us would care to walk on bricks with no shoes? Interesting look at daily life elsewhere, thanks.


Claire, I think the kiln is a building only in the loosest sense of the word. And stairway is even less formal. Such are the conditions of this kind of labor in India. As for the workers, they are in fact all men! And I would venture even further and say they are Muslim men because the lungis (sarongs) they are wearing are plaid.

I don't think that building, especially the steps are very well put together. I don't think it would take much for that building to collapse especially the steps/stairway. I also notice it looks like all females doing all this...what men know better?

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