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Kayak Paddles... or... Snow Shovels

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It can be hard work, especially when the snow is wet and thus heavy, or when I'm trying to clear the huge, thick slabs of packed snow that the street plows deposit at the end of the driveway, but for the most part it's almost zen-like--the neighborhood is usually very quiet, and the world is swirling in white flakes, making ever-changing patterns in the air with every breath of wind, and you get into a peaceful, steadying rhythm that just concentrates your mind and spirit...


Thanks Pat - I must confess I don't remember having to shovel snow - we don't get much - I bet it is good exercise. Its good to hear you enjoyed solving this puzzle. :~)


Well, I have lots of experience with snow shovels (I actually love shoveling snow--it's a hundred times more enjoyable than most household chores!), but it didn't matter here--this was beautiful and fun to solve, and that's all that was important! :-)))


Bookish, I'm delighted you had fun, that's the main objective :~)


Kirsten, I'm aghast that you've no experience with a snow shovel!!! You clearly have experience of something else, you speedy girl!!! Thanks for stopping to comment. :~)


Great pattern and colours. Oodles of fun to solve. Thanks.


I have absolutely no experience of a snow shovel, and little of kayak paddles. But there was no experience required to solve this puzzle, so it was a whole lotta fun anyway, Mandy. And such beautiful colours. Thanks. :)))