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Fall Medley! (small)

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Oh Rosie, I am so very sorry that the poor little guy is going through so much. If he is doing all those things, though, he probably is okay inside and just recuperating at a slower speed than we'd like. Do talk to the Vet about a different pain med. Maybe do some research on the Web first. It's going to kill you if he is in pain and there might be other pain meds he could tolerate. My experience with Vets is that they give you the "big bomb" first. :(
I'm sure he will come back into himself when he is not hurting. Please keep me up to date on his progress, I will be worrying, too. :~/


These are all gorgeous and I would love them all as ornaments for a Christmas tree. Can't pick a favorite, they are all bright and beautiful. Spenser had surgery yesterday--neutering and hernia repair plus the rest of his shots including rabies and he is not doing as well as I thought he would. He whined for eight hours straight after I picked him up yesterday and then fell asleep finally at 9:30 last night and slept until 5am. We got up and went outside and then came in and he ate a little and took another pain pill and went back to sleep about 6:30 and slept sof two hours. He's unsteady and jerky on his feet when he's up and has been acting weird when he's awake. He's sleeping again now (12:30 at night) and I'm hoping he's better tomorrow. I googled the pain med he's taking and don't like what I read so he's not getting any more of that. But he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping so those things are under control. I sure hope my happy, easy going puppy domes back soon. I miss him. Well, off to the solving so I can go to bed too. Sleep is needed soon.


Barb - they are whatever you want them to be. That's what's great about puzzles! Thanks!

That was from a flower arrangement, Jan. I rather like it, too. Thank YOU.

Katie - An orange orgy! Just for you! Thanks so much!!

Niccolino59 - I am so very glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!!! Jan


Wow! Oh so bright! Cant choose a favourite - they are all gorgeous!


Oh goodness Jan! How to pick a favorite from among the orange collection? I'm going with the center - I love the blue and green in the middle of the orange! Thank you EVER so much!!! :>)


the top middle is really different. love it kiddo


Beautiful autumn collection, Jan. I also like the top right but I'm not sure if those are kittens or piggies (lol). Thanks for a pretty puzzle. :-))


Thank YOU Edie and JC! I am so glad you liked this very fall puzzle!! Kittens? of Aliens? LOL


Very pretty Kaleidos, Jan!


Just beautiful Jan. I like the top right made from pomegranates. It has five little kitten heads all in a circle. To the boards. Thanks