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Kilboghamn, Norway.

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We had chosen to go follow the Norwegian coast line from Mo-i-Rana and north. It's a so called tourist road with lots of beautiful views and many places where you have to sail to the next small harbour. So we made our way between sheep and mountains till we came to this small harbour with the first ferry. As you can see there are many campers and cars waiting to be sailed on. You had to wait for the ferry to return, but of course there was a shop where you could buy sausages and hamburgers, icecream and coffee. Veeery popular indeed!!


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Indeed it was awfully funny, Sachi, those people are full of fun and laughter, I've met others and it's really unbelievable that they can be SO happy. Perhaps it's great not to be able to hear the noise around you!! And if you communicate their way, you'll know whatever you like to!! They are no fools indeed!! Thanks so very much!!

It's a very nice place, and with a little sun it would have been something like heaven. Thanks so very much Jana!!


Beautiful harbor, landscape and houses, thank you Hanne very much for an interesting picture for me


Very interesting to read your experience while you were waiting. I tried making a movie in my mind's eyes. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you.


You are able to sail so much in Norway so you would have a wonderful holiday. Besides there is a special tour up along the west coast from Bergen I think to Kirkenes. It's rather expensive but should be extremely fantastic!! Thanks so very much susan!!


We had a very funny experience when we were waiting. A group of elderly people all both death and dumb were waiting to go on too, and they had SO much fun with each other, they laughed so sincerely but without any sounds and talked so very much with their hands and bodies. They simply spread joy all over the place and everybody smiled at them and each other!! Fantastic!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

it would be wonderful to take a summer vacation there, to escape the heat and drought of our summers. just sitting on the ferry listening to the water break against the bow as you glide acoss the harbour would be so relaxing. thanks for the escape.


I can imagine how very popular that shop would be. Lovely picture. I've done my share of ferry waiting. Thanks, Hanne.


Thanks so very much Sandy!!


It's a beautiful photo. Thanks Hanne.