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A Bright Star from Afar

36 pieces
94 solves
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Gosh, Pat, what lovely compliments!! I know from your previous comments what a connoisseur of paintings you are, so your praise for my framing and matting technique is highly valued, thank you :~)


This is gorgeous, Mandy--and I really love the framing and "matting"! We occasionally buy paintings, usually "unmounted" (meaning just the canvas), directly from the artist (unknowns, of course--and inexpensive enough so that it often costs more for the finishing touches!), and I really love going to the framer and choosing the different mats and the frames that best suit the work. You did a smash-up job here--it really presents the art the way it looks its finest! Love it!


Thanks Kirsten, I hope you're enjoying your weekend? :~)


It is lovely!! Thanks so much, Mandy. :)))


Golly Hester, I'm not surprised you're sleepy, its tomorrow already!! I love your interpretation on this puzzle... hope you find happiness at the bottom when you decided to solve it, thanks for visiting so late :~)


Oh Wendy, I love your encouraging comments, (and everyone elses!!) but I do especially like your CAPITALS!! Thank you :~)


Too late and too sleepy to solve tonight! Looks like the Hadron Collider found something groovy at the bottom of the black hole!


Oh, Mandy, I LOVE this one up close and personal!!! It's outright BEAUTIFUL!


Thank you Katie, I hoped you'd like the orange!! I will have to solve it to see the zoom effect !


Excellent design Mandy! That orange star is even brighter when you zoom in on the solved puzzle!