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36 pieces
79 solves
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Solving this was great,but yes it did make me dizzy. Thank you DIANE FROM N.J.


I love this one! I relied quite heavily on shapes of pieces at one point as I got a bit stuck, but it was easier than I thought it would be. I enjoyed zooming in and out, and if you grab and pick up the whole image with the mouse and do little cirlces with it (make it go round in cirdles), the spokes or swirls in the middle actually appear to rotate, depending on which way you move it in circles - to the left or to the right! Very clever. I love these kind of perspective line drawings and doodle a lot myself doing them with a black or blue pen, but nothing as elaborate as this, of course!


I have a round jigsaw puzzle with what I call zebra stripes. The first time I worked on it it was quite the experience. But, I did get it together.