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Flower Squares.... (S)....

35 pieces
160 solves
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Thank you, PJ.... :) :)


Oh dear... I don't like to make 'demands' on anyone... But I know how you fell, sometimes a puzzle just says 'do it now'... Even though it's after midnight.... I think we're hooked... Thanks, Kirsten, glad you enjoyed it, even if it was demanding.... Nice time BTW.... :) :)


Sally - I love the design and the colors. Wow.


Those gorgeous, clear colours demanded that I do this puzzle, Sally. Despite there being nary a kaliedo in sight! The design is delightful. Thanks very much. :)))


Well, that's because it's the best color, of course.... Just ask Snooker, Whatnauts and the rest of the PFC (Purple Fan Club) gang.... LOL.... The more I create puzzles, the bigger the role color plays... I even like green and yellow now... Red is really good too... It was always my mother's favorite... Thanks, Rosie... :) :)


WOW! That purple just rocks this whole puzzle and red is and has always been my fave but Jigidi sure is changing my mind. Always in the puzzles the purple seems to carry the puzzles and I have yet to figure out why. Thanks for another fab one. Rosie

You got it. Yellow is my least favorite but the others all rock. Everything is good here. :)


OK, now I'm trying to guess which ones not on your favorite list... Is it red or yellow... I'm going out on a limb and say yellow.... Only because it would be last on my colour list in this puzzle.... I've learned puzzles do need yellow frequently to make the other colours stand out... Ms Foxy taught me that... Purple is still at the top of my list.... Hope all is well with you... :) :)

Five out of six of my favorite colors. I've gone to heaven. :) That purple is scrumptious.