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Pretty yellow flowers growing alongside the Singapore River

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Anyone can tell me the name of these flowers?


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Googled and found the name of this plant, they are the Tecomaria Capensis, the yellow variety. Thank you macsenj amakrokis2


Lovely - Look like some sort of Lily.


Thank you for your comments texasstar, macsenj & amakrokis. I will check out the names you have given.


This plant is from the Tecoma family,(as we in SA call it.)
We have an orange coloured one with a hint of
yellow. Its not flowering at the moment.I will take a
photo and post,went it does.


Looks like Tecomaria capensis from South Africa, grows well coastal, and comes in a variety of colours from peach through yellow to a pale reddish

Here is a plant I grow here, called Esperanza, but I'm not sure they come in other colors. It looks like it's related to this plant you posted, with the shape of the flowers and also the leaves.


Thanks texasstar. There were peach & pink coloured ones besides this yellow one. The pics didn't come out clear so didnt wanna post them


Wow, these are gorgeous. What are they? Oops, I just saw your questions. I have no clue. Thanks, though, for the pretty puzzle.