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Virginia! Wysteria Flowers

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Well, I guess they are really pretty and very fragrant, too....


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You have another 10 star jig! It's just after midnight Sunday May 26.


Very nice, Dave. Wysteria is something so "foreign" us northerners. We have nothing like that up north. They hang so gracefully.


Beautiful and healthy wisteria!


I hope you won't run afoul of the laws about sending plant material across state lines. Many states do not permit the importation of invasive species or plants that might harbor insects or plant diseases.


I'll send you some rooted shoots if you want them, mountain.


And smells even better, Robyn.

Thats perfect Tex. You can do a walk and sniff. Nice comment. Thanks

They can be a beautiful plant if you maintain them Mary, for sure. I would have thought over there in Tenn. yours would have been blooming already, unless your at a higher elevation. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


I love this beautiful plant,mine is almost in bloom,the buds are getting large.I have to keep triming it back though or it will go everywhere.Thanks Warbler


Can you send me some seeds so that I can try and grow one? It's soo beautiful since I can't find the scratch and sniff button either


I love this plant, and luckily some neighbors have it so I don't have to find out about the foundation! Everytime I see the gnarled up trunks, I think of biblical times. They must have had it then, it just looks like they should have! Thanks, Warb, nice photo and fun jig.


That's a great close-up Dave - it's looks completely innocent here:))


Good one, Laura!! :-))))

laurajane purple :o)


Don't give up Lyndee, you can smell them, I know you can. :-) Thanks

We like big messes, Aggie! Thanks

Your Welcome Floyd.

Thank you, Patti

You don't have a scratch and sniff button on your keyboard, Sandy?

Thanks Rosie for coming by and enjoying!

Thank you Suzy-I almost passed out taking this photo the fragrance was so intense.

It is hard to believe but they sure can. Thanks Richard.


They have such lovely flowers and smell so sweet it is hard to believe they can pull a house off its foundation.


Oh~! These are lovely, warbler!


Very pretty Dave. Where's the scratch and sniff area on here?


Beautiful Warbler!


Thank you Dave for sharing this picture of your blooming shrub. Beautiful.


These are really pretty close up. I'm trying hard to smell them.......nope, nothing.