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It's hard to believe George was the runt of the litter when he was born on Nov. 17, 2005. Dave and Christie Nasser adopted him when he was about seven weeks old. Little did they know the lovable blue Great Dane would one day grow to be 43 inches tall from his paws to his shoulders.

Tipping the scale at about 245 pounds, he consumed about 110 pounds of food every month. In 2010, Guinness World Records named George the Tallest Dog Ever and World’s Tallest Dog.

George helped raise money for various animal charities during his life. On Oct. 17, 2013, the gentle giant passed away, just one month before his 8th birthday.

Giant George Service Day not only commemorates George's birthday, but also provides the "purrfect" opportunity to help a four-legged friend in need. In an online interview with Giant George Team member, Paul O'Rourke:

"Giant George Service Day is a chance for everyone to honor GG's spirit of giving. We ask that people use GG's birthday, 11/17/13, as a day to give of their time and/or money to an animal cause or organization that is important to their family. Every little effort to help can make a huge difference in an animal's life."

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I thought so too, thanks Pat


Very interesting ... Thanks Mandy


Thanks Katie, I understood what you meant!! I suspect we all feel the same, love for our pets and sorrow when they pass away.


The great love for pets is the heartwarming aspect. So sad that Great Danes have such short lives. (Just wanted to clarify a bit.)


I'm delighted you enjoyed the pics, thanks Maddie :~)


Great dog ! and I think the photo on the bed is hilarious !!! :-))) Thanks you Mandy !


Thanks Josie - I wasn't sure I'd find a Mandy... but I did!! LOL

He looks pretty independent to me Ardy... drinking from the tap and scrounging food from the top of the fridge!! I bet he's made a good job of cleaning out the fridge to!! LOL

I so agree Barb, it's always very hard when a pet leaves us.

Thanks John, I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle :~)

Feeding a dog of this size must have been expensive cobalt - but he certainly was a beautiful dog!

I hadn't realised they lived such short lives Edie, such a shame!

Thanks Katie, I'm glad you're heart is warmed today :~)


Such a majestic dog! Thanks for this heartwarming day Mandy. :>)


When I was showing Dobermans back in the 70's and 80's these were known as the 'Heartbreak Dogs' for the very reason of their short life span. My friend who had been breeding them for over 20 years had never had one that made it to it's 9th birthday. Thanks Mandy, really enjoyed this info.


I've always wanted a great dane but never thought I could afford to feed one, that's alot of food. Beautiful creatures tho...


Thank you for a smashing puzzle Mandy and what a wonderful animal see you soon John :~))


If only pets had the average life span of humans ... Thanks for this lovely puzzle, Mandy. Animals are such an important part of our lives. :-)


That's several dogs in one!!! Thanks, Mandy. Domestic animals are so dependent on us. When I shop a Petsmart I add a couple of dollars for their rescue program. Not much but every little bit helps.


They are marvelous animals, the saddest thing about them is their short life span. Wonderful day, and puzzle. I couldn't believe you found a Mandy, so much fun.