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Humming Bird

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I wish he would have chosen sky for his own background but I will try again. We have so many right now and they are feisty little fighters. Every once in while they are agreeable enough for two to drink from the feeder at the same time.


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I will try to get more pictures of them, too ! Not too many moth around yet !


That's the amazing moth I noticed last night when I was searching through your old puzzles for hummingbird photos. Absolutely incredible. I want to go online and find out more about them because those are truly HUGE moths! Thanks, Puzzles!


Kat, check out: that is the Humming-bird-moth in action in one of my flowers outside. You can also google them ... I never had heard of them before neither. I hope you have a nicer (weather-wise) weekend then we do ... rain, rain ...


I checked out your other pictures (I found a couple) and I think this one is still the best, Puzzles. I must confess, however, that I have never even heard of a hummingbird moth much less seen one. That was amazing! Best to you.


Well, Kat ... I let you in on a secret ... it was pure luck ! Don't give me too much credit, luck was on my side. If I would be as good as you try to make me believe, I would have tried to get him from a bit of a different angle to get him with the sky as a background ! I also had to delete a few pictures that were blurry. But they are just so darn cute to watch and make photos from ! Have a look at page 16 of my puzzles, I had some Hummers on here before. Glad you enjoyed it ! Thank you for the encouragement my friend !


Oh, Puzzles -- how did you ever manage to catch a photo of one of these incredibly fast-moving little guys? I have tried and tried, unsuccessfully. Their little wings move so rapidly that I get a blur. You, on the other hand, have a good clear picture here. I can even see the little gold coloring at the bottom near the lower breast and tail as well as his eye -- and you can almost count the feathers on his wing. Good job! Just beautiful, Puzzles, thank you.


Thanks cherlock ! I thought pointing out the tree as background would help ... They sure are beauties and I think there is not a person around that does not enjoy watching these little buggers.

Look at the tree and you will see it. They are feisty little guys. We also get tons of them.
Such beauties.

I'm sorry but I don't see a humming bird