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Good Morning Thought

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My morning view at 7:20 AM 11/14/2017


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Yes, they are.


Good morning Ardy ... The sun is out bright now ... Didn't see it yesterday ... Have a great day .. Hugs


Good morning, Pat. You have a bit of sun. Wow. That's great. No sign of it here yet. True thought. Thanks. Hope you have a good day.. Hugs.


Good morning dudicat ... Hugs to you ... :-)))


Good morning Watchman ... "Hugs" .. :-)))

Good morning Lorna .. Hugs right back ... :-)))

Thank you and good morning and a hug to you!


Good morning Pat! So true, hugs to you too.


So True! ((HUGS)) ;-)


Good morning madhat ... That is a wonderful story of your friend ... We need more of him ... Thank you for sharing .. Hugs


There is no medicine that cures more ills than a wonderful hug! Thanks for the reminder, Pat. Here's a (((HUG))) for you, my friend.


Good Morning Jigidi Friends. This is oh so true. Many years ago I had a friend at church that was a big man. He would give the best hugs. Something that was soothing to the soul. I think because he truly loved people and loved God. One of the hardest days of my life was when God took him home. Oh to be missed as this friend is missed. Thank you for taking me back there and remembering to hug like he hugged. A sincere loving hug is good for the soul.