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Ah, thanks for all these details. Don't walk away from the skillet is good advice. I'm always walking away from the skillet!


No, do not cover the skillet. You want the bacon to cook crispy, and the way to do that is to leave the skillet open. However, the meatballs will cook first, while the bacon slowly cooks on top of them. Once the first side of the meatballs is well done, you'll turn them, and, of course, the bacon will fall off the meatballs when they are turned. At that time, the bacon and meatballs together will have made a hot oily sizzle in the pan, so just let the bacon fall into the liquid to fry crispy. When you turn the meatballs, I would increase the heat to make sure the bacon cooks crisp and the meatballs get a good firm fry on them. You don't want the meat wimpy. Don't walk away from the skillet because this short phase of the cooking will be done quickly. I can't tell you how long because each burner is different. But it's like frying a fresh ground beef hamburger. You never want ground beef anything but at least medium well done. So it won't hurt to let them cook a minute or two longer than when they "look done." You want the inside of the meatballs cooked well with no trace of pink meat. Remember that bacon continues to cook a minute of so AFTER you remove it from the skillet, so take it out as soon as it's firm, not super crisp. In the end, you'll have a bacon/ground beef "grease" frying mixture that gives the dish a unique flavor. The gravy is superb. Not healthy, but superb. Don't eat it every day.


Do you cover the skillet while they cook, or leave it open? Do you turn the meatballs or just let them sit still? About how long do you cook them?

I ask because it sounds like a wonderful recipe and I've already copied and pasted it!


my pleasure

sounds wonderful, I'll be making it soon...thank you...Sherry )))


I'll have to give it to you from memory. It's easy.

Ground beef (get the best you can afford)
little bit of salt and lots of pepper
crushed garlic
either finely chopped onions or granulated onions
soy sauce
maple syrup
lime juice

Make into meatballs the desired size. Arrange in skillet. Layer thick slices of bacon on top. Cook over medium to medium high heat. As it all heats up, the beef and bacon will make the base for a gravy when the meat is done. Set aside cooked meat. Reserve grease from meat and heat to high. Add a couple of tablespoon of flour or cornstarch to the hot grease. Watch it carefully while stirring. Add water, a cup at a time, to make gravy. Add extra salt and pepper. You can also substitute milk for the water to make milk gravy, which is whiter and thicker. Add the liquid until the gravy is the consistency you want. Arrange the meat in a deep dish, and pour the gravy over it. Serve with steamed brown rice, pasta, or on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes.



Let me look for it.

do you have a recipe? ... Sherry :)))