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Last fall I spent the night in Sandpoint, Idaho. The next morning I headed in a southeastern direction on Highway 200. The highway you see in my photo took me right next to Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho's largest lake.


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nice puzzle Terry// it must be a beautiful road to drive♣♣♣


Finished this puzzle and this is an outstanding photo of this bridge/highway and the Lake. Great puzzle too. I love roads beside lakes and, especially mountains and this one is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.


Hey! Just butting in to say I am about to solve the Yellow Daisy puzzle on page 2 but I wanted to tell you that I left a message on it that you might find interesting. :-)) Will be back here in a little bit.

i believe there is a navy base there because the lake is so deep


Also known as the home of Mark Fuhrman...