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day use only

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This public outhouse found in the parking lot at Quake Lake overlook in Montana had a Day Use Only sign? the area is open 24 hours and the only reststop along the highway for miles and miles and miles. Quote from Wikipedia. Quake Lake (officially Earthquake Lake[1]) is a lake in southwestern Montana in the United States. It was created after an earthquake struck on August 17, 1959, killing 28 people.


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It does cause one to ponder.......LOL Thank you Kathy :-))))))))


Well, you certainly won't catch me using it, day or night! L.O.L. Very scarrrrrry!


Thanks everyone for dropping in. We live 150 miles south of this and I can still remember how hard the shaking was from this earthquake. The whole top of one mountain slid down and half way up the next mountain; there was a popular campground down at the bottom along the river. Another quake could easily take out this outhouse.


Naturally, I would be the fastest solver with a day use outhouse. Looks like it would withstand an earthquake or other natural blow out. :)


LOL puzzaddled. Nobody wants to run from a bear with their britches down!!!!!


I keep a flashlight in my car kit and we'll share it amongst those of us who might have to disobey the sign. After all, needs must. I wonder if there is night wild life in the area...we might have to stomp loudly.


sort of crazy yo put that sign there LOL


Isn't that strange? Unless they keep it lock at night, I don't think the sign will be enough to keep a person from using it if they really needed to. I wonder if it's just because there is no lights at night.