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Kaleidoscopes, Large and Small

64 pieces
254 solves
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Thanks, Kirsten. I agree with you about this format. I tackled this one by solving the 12 small kaleidos, pushed them aside, then tackled the large one from the inside outward. All that was left was to attach them and. .. Voila... I was #1 on the leaderboard for about 2 seconds, lol! I'm glad you found this onevto be a delight, my friend!


I love that you cut them up the way you do Jill! I think that this format makes it a little easier, even when there are slightly more pieces than you would normally feel comfortable with. Thanks so much. And now to the puzzle!! What a delight, and I love this collage format. Thanks so much, I really enjoyed it. :)))


Success is when the solver wants to do the large size, in this case 400 big ones!! I'm really glad you found these to be delightful, dear one! I hope the large size turns outmto be "werth" it!


They are all delightful and the centre one is spectacular! Cleverly cut to make four pieces per k ;-) Thanks, Jill. I'm going to do the BIG one as this is so appealing.


Jo, I think this is the only time I 've made my small size with 64 pieces, but it was the only way to individualize the squares. In this size, each small kaleidoscope had 4 pieces.I 'm so glad you enjoyed it, my friend!


Kardam, we could use some cheerful yellow amongst our gray clouds too! Glad you liked it!


Thank you, Barbara! I'm pleased that you thought it was gorgeous!


Thanks, Barb! I'm glad you found a couple of favorites!


All quite beautiful kaleidos!! Much fun to do, although I prefer smaller piece puzzles, I couldn't resist this beauty!! Thankyou Jill! :) 5:11

Love the corner right yellow!! Cheerful for a cold winter's day!


Gorgeous, I love the middle one too and the purple one at the bottom.


What a great puzzle, Jill! Love the centre kaleido surrounded by all those pretty kaleidos. Really like the top row second from left. :-)