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Creating Shades In The Shade

120 pieces
103 solves
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Thank you, Nellies. And that, of course, is why I posted it as a puzzle to begin with. Dris and I just got off on a tangent. :-) And thanks also for taking the time to write your thoughts on this puzzle as well as the other. I love reading someone else's response to a picture that caught me.


Since everyone is commenting on their time - I would like to comment on how beautiful this image is and how much I would love to eat some peanuts with a chipmunk at that lovely green table. Thanks.


Ah, but you know not just how embarrassingly bad my time was on this one.


I'm not sure edging onto the LB qualifies as "clock cleaning" (snicker). BTW, love the colors in the finished version (as opposed to the "Darkness at Noon" work in progress rendition"


Man! You cleaned my clock (groan) on that one. Well done, starman!


Ayup! You shape-shifter enabler you! Even really trying and taking full advantage of the top rows, the bottom rows, the table and the "curious little green crop circle", I just snuck in there. For a moment anyway...


A lot of dark pieces to get lost in.