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Lots Of Lines (Smaller)

42 pieces
103 solves
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So the supposedly clumsy one is stumbling over the lost one's mailbag and falling into bed (hmmmm.....does Jenny know?!) with the snoring one, while others are making it through safely. There must be some reason Robbie and Lela act like opposite poles of a magnet, constantly being drawn together with a loud clatter and clunk...... Is it fate? The work of the Rebmuda Triangle? Incipient insanity? Or something?..........

Thanks so much, Robbie, Lela, Edie, and Rosie! :-))))))


I managed to make it safely through the maze without finding the mailbag or the bed. Fantastic puzzle, Pat.


Well I managed to avoid all of Robbie's pitfalls and just kept my eyes focused straight ahead jumping or ducking the lines and it worked. Thanks Pat for the late night fun.


Oh dear....the clumsy one is here as well!..........


I went up..........I went down............went across.........stumbled over a stupid mailbag and fellinto a bed!!!!
Cool puzzle PD, thanks.


Thanks so much, Katie, Ardy, Aishah, zz, and Lela (wherever you are, you're among friends, so don't worry....)! I really wanted this to have fewer sections, but I got carried away with drawing those thick lines--it felt like I was playing pick-up-sticks, only putting them down, instead of picking them up! LOL! :-)))


Where am I??...............


This is a terrific design, Pat! But I'm afraid that Mr. Bugosi will surely get lost.


This is fantastic, Pat. But I will have to wait until Monday to work it. I can bookmark and type comments but I can't work puzzles on my smartphone.


Like this Pat - bold and beautiful. Thank you.


I love this bold design Pat! :>)


Don't apologize, Willy--I did the same thing to you! Besides, our puzzles sort of look as if they belong together, like "before" (yours, nice and neat), and "after" (mine, all broken up!)! :-D

Thanks, COOKIEQUEEN! :-)


Great puzzle. Thank you.


Many lines and many beautiful colors to, thank you Pat,
Willy. :-)
There is a lot of traffic on the highway Jigidi LOL, I apologize because I was put my puzzles together with yours.