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Door Swags for Fall! (small)

48 pieces
102 solves
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Thanks, Mimi! :D


I think each one is lovely and I'd have a heck of a time choosing one! Thanks!


You are welcome, Pat!


Love them thanks Jan


I say, put one on each door - - - and if you have a narrow window.......just saying! I must get (or make) one of these this year! Thanks so much, Hummingbird!


That is funny, in the other puzzle of the swags, I had picked the top left one. I would still go with it but I also like the middle row, far left. Glad we have more than one door LOL

Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable puzzle Jiggy!!!!


Ardy - that you so much. It is fun to search for different things.

Pat - Oh that was a crazy accident, as usual. I don't deliberately try to be crafty, but it often works out that way! Thank you! :D

Hester - I wish my door were that color.....mine is a bit more "dungeon-y" is hue, but John likes it that way! So, one day, while he is gone.......


Mmm, I love the hydrangeas and grapes one, but "your" door is my favourite style. Bet you'd have guessed that! lol


Aha, tricky! 3 pieces down but only 2 across for each box! LOL! Took me a bit to realize that...!

These are really lovely, and now that I can see the doors better, I'm coveting them as well as the swags!


Aren't these lovely!! You find such beautiful things, Jan. Thank you.


Wouldn't that be fun? My front door is most like the upper left, but I'm not sure that's my favorite swag. Thanks, Barb!


I'd be proud to have any of these swags decorating my door, Jan. Thanks. :-)