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muj adoptovaný bratr jeho pes Luzzy, Ája a Laura

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My adopted brother, his yorkshire Luzzy, my two dogs girls Aja and Laura on our terrace, spring 2011


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A very nice photo Jana. Hello Jens, nice to see you. Just love the dogs. Thanks for posting.


Thank you Angel, Laura is sweet, sleeping with me, watching me, when I go to sleep and when to wake up, is the gold even though she is black :-))

If Laura is part dachshund, she is all dachshund. They are such loving dogs, wanting to read your mind and be ready to go or help before you even know it yourself. Lucky little girl to be found by you.


Thank you Gemstone.
Thand yoz Denise,Jens is coming so 2 x a year, then it is always fun :-))
Hi Angel, in the middle it si Laura, we found she as an abandoned little puppy, is a combination of dachshund and something, I don't know, bud I love she, thank you

Nice looking fella, Jana. Is the middle doggie a dachshund, or a mix? It is the only dog smiling for the camera. A real ham, that one. You have a beautiful view from your rooftop. Thanks for sharing.


A lovely family Jana and all the dogs :-) Do they all get on together?


A bunch of cuties...hee hee. :)))