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Is it normal for a cat to run like this?

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It seems to me, most cats are so graceful, and run with a long stealthy extension to their bodies...But my cat runs like a cartoon character from Looney Tunes... Zippety-do-dah...there he goes again!


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Hi Janet, I have often wondered how you were doing so today I decided to go to your site. I was really intrigued by your cat's characteristics so I Googled it and came up with a theory which I think may very well give you the answer. I believe that your cat is half Manx as they run like a rabbit and one of the Manx pictures showed the cat walking up on top of a door as they, like your cat are able to leap great heights. Also, it sounds like they have hair like a rabbits - going by the description given. The one difference is that the Manx cat has a bobbed tail. ☺


Janet that's so amazing! Just look at those leg positions! Wow - looks like he's really zipping along!


The soft, thick coat might also suggest a Russian Blue somewhere in his ancestry. I had a male RB for awhile and he was one of the smartest cats I've known. His back legs were a bit longer than the front one, with powerful hips -- from a sitting-on-the-floor start he could get to the top of a six-foot bookcase with one leap. And that wonderful coat was like the softest velvet.


I wonder if he was brought up by a rabbit mother. I've seen so many YouTube videos of animals taking care of the babies of other species it almost sounds plausible. If I understand right, Mama rabbit keeps Papa firmly away from the babies because he might (or will) damage them. In that case his fear of rabbits would have been taught by his surrogate mother. The rabbitness of his fur might be from something in rabbit milk that's meant to protect the rabbit in some way (waterproof fur maybe?). And it would explain why he runs like a rabbit even though he's not really built for it.
Don't suppose we'll ever know, but it's an interesting thing to wonder about.


Bluebird, what a coincidence you mentioning my cat is half rabbit! Before he came to the barn area turned out that my younger brother who lives down the road... thinks he remembers seeing this cat out in the corn field at least two weeks before Cat came to me... My brother thought he was a rabbit out in the cornfield...and..the other strange thing about my he actually has fur like a rabbit's...according to the vet... and the third strange rabbit thing about my cat... is He is afraid of rabbits!! My theory is...he got too close to a rabbit hole of baby bunnies when he was out in that field...and maybe the mother bunny "thumped" him or bit at him...Anyway, if he sees a rabbit in the yard...he goes into hiding...and when I first saw him fun...I thought to myself... He reminds me of a rabbit....


Your cat is half rabbit.
Can't say I've ever seen a cat in quite this position before. But I HAVE seen a rabbit looking like that except that his hind end was up higher and he didn't have that magnificent tail!
GREAT shot!!!


haha, love this


Tails up is a positive gesture of happiness in a cat.


Thank you, Jana and Max! :)

Hi Pammi... Love your profile picture... BTW,,and thank you for the words of comfort!!! :)))

And always good to see you Sunny Barb... OK...I you all have convinced me that Cat is just running like a happy, healthy kitty... I just don't remember ever seeing any cats running like my little goofball before...


Gracias, Spanish is pretty rusty, I'm sorry. ... but I could tell by all the smiley faces that you must have enjoyed seeing Cat Stevens unusual running form.!! Thank you for your comment!


Max says that it's perfectly normal. Great photo. Thank you JJ ♥ ☺ ♥


He is just one happy cat, JanetJane....LOL Thank you for this photo :)


I think he looks fabulous. He is so full of the joy of life that he just can't contain it. Ha, ha, he really does bring a big smile to my face. ☺☺


Certainly looks a s though he is on a mission .......


jajajaja, en verdad es bien curiosa la manera de correr. gracias por la imagen Janetjane. jajajajaja me ha hecho reir ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


And thank you, ya'll....Laurajane...and roseh... glad it struck you as funny...(it does, me too) and Patsquire... perhaps he was chasing an invisible goose, indeed...who knows what all goes on in a cat's mind...but I know they seem to have an imagination..


Yes, Kansasgranny, I think you are right...He was enjoying a little bit of outdoor play time after being cooped up indoors all winter long... He literally goes out and kicks up his heels.. Runs around like this..just to be running and runs up and down all the small trees around the house.. I am glad he feels so good...he makes me tired just watching much energy he has...And he was approx. two years old when this photo was taken (Last spring) I don't know his exact birthday but with the vet's help we decided tat June 1st was reasonable as of this June 1st, we celebrated his 3rd b'day. in human years, of course..


They say that when a cat's tail is raised it means he's happy. I think if he was actually hunting something you would see more stalk and stealth; this just looks like high spirits. Is he just coming out of kitten hood and becoming a "teenager"? That could account for a lot of this, too.


Maybe he's chasing a goose and wants to fool it.


That is Funny, looks like he's having fun.


Ha ha...that is pretty funny, JanetJane!

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