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15 Cent Burgers....

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Early Golden Arches McDonalds sign at the Henry Ford Museum


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Very interesting Robyn! And I'm surprised they changed! I never eat there either.


I've only ever had ONE McDonalds hamburger - & it was god-awful!!! I like the McCafe coffee though when we are on a road trip. Did you know that McDonalds now officially brand a lot of Aussie outlets as 'Macca's'? They started doing it last January 2013 in response to what most Aussies shorten the official name to! Apparently we're the only country in the world where they've done that!! And when there was a big cricket comp between the Poms & the Aussies this last summer - they actually changed the Macca's billboard ads to green & gold too!


Thanks for the fun memories, roerick!! 10 for a dollar-its hard to imagine!!

A&W must have been common early on too as its my first memory of local fast food, Cathy.

Wonderful comment, Maureen!! SHaring with the wild ones!!

Maybe you were the lucky one, Florrie.

And sodas were a dime, Don!!


Possibly, florrie! I don't remember if it was McDonalds, but I remember stopping outside Watertown on a trip for 19¢ burgers, my first fast food experience. It was a cheap way to feed 6 kids. Of course, that was when machines dispensed candy bars for a nickel.


Those were the days!
On Mondays we could buy 2 hamburgers for the price of one,in Sea Point!
Then ride to the Promenade,first eat then feed the seagulls,
with the left overs.


Great picture ... and interesting comments! My early memories are of A&W but now McDonald's are everywhere!!!


My first and best memory was the A &W---I was one of those roller skating waitresses and I loved it. You could buy a gallon jug of root beer for $1.00. I brought one home three times a week so we always had root beer floats with homemade vanilla ice cream. And for a special treat we had White Castles when they had the coupon in the paper 10 for a dollar. My Mom would get the coupons from several of the neighbors and my Dad would go get 30 hamburgers while my Mom made french fries at home---$3.00 for dinner for 7 of us.


No Heidi...just wise and with a good memory!

Understandably last, Toto!!


I remember this price on McDonald's burgers. I had just gotten my license and didn't have much spare money for munchies, so would pull into MickeyDees. Does that make me old?

He took you McDonald's on a first date, Toto??!! What a cheapskate!


I did not have a McDonalds burger until I was in my mid-20's when a date took me there on our first (and last) date.


So you were the finiky eater conaseur burger eater trouble maker, Pat :-)) I remember actually it did take them forever to make something "custom".

I knew people that claimed that McDonalds fries and a coke were the best thing for a hangover, Lyndee.

Onward and upward, Pat!!!!

Its amazing what is in that wonderful museum, boggle but your point is taken!!

Bingo at McDonalds, what a memory, Joy!!


Well said Laura!! :-)))))))

Ray Crock couldn't of had any idea what was going to come from his effort, Arleen!!

And a convertible at that, Beekay!

He can put out good ones, Putter!!

I started with A & W Sandy which was the only fast food in town. Girls delivered stuff to the cars on roller skates!

Ha! Look about one notch, deejaybee! It was my early memory too.

Never saw them in the midwest, Suzy!

I play bingo at the McDonalds in Yorktown VA.

What's this? A Chevy at the Ford Museum!?!


Yes lyndee, I worked at a McD's (for one week) and found out 2 things: The fries were sugar coated (!) to make them get crispy, and you could fit 20 burgers on a round tray to move from the grill to the wrapping table. If you dropped one 15¢ burger you blew the profit on the whole tray!

I guess I learned 3 things - - that I never wanted to work fast food again!


It's the fries that I loved. They don't make them the same now....had to get healthy I guess!


Between my home town of Emmaus, PA and Allentown, PA a few miles away was an area called Alton Park. Alton Park had a McD's with a sign even older than this. Under "HAMBURGERS" was the PAINTED slogan "OVER 100,000 SOLD" and every little while they painted out the 1 and put a 2, then a 3, etc. until suddenly there was this electric number box when they passed 1,000,000. Finicky eater that I was, I always ordered one "ketchup only" and the other kids in the car would complain at the delay!


White Castle was my choice many years ago.


I love McDonalds and all that they do for kids,but to me nothing tops a good A&W drive in,thats where my memories lead me.


I don't have specific memories of McDonald's, but I DO remember Tops Big Boy restaurants. It was a big hang out when I got my first car. :)


Wow! We're all showing our age! And a hearty laugh to Gladstone!


The heck with the burger, I want that car!

I'm about to age myself but when the first McDonald's opened in Glen Cove they sometimes had sales on their burgers. The sale price was 2 for a quarter. Arleen


Let's you can get a half a bite for 15 cents.


Welcome back cinderfire and glad to hear you had a nice visit!

You got that right, Floyd! :)))

Thats an excellent story, mble!! Thanks for telling it!

Hi Patti, Thanks for the fun memory sharing.

Your right Nancy. I remember we shared the fries, too and it was a bigger helping!

Those were magical times, smllpkg, first license, mobility, and a place to hang out! Thanks


The first one came to Erie just when my friends and I were getting our licenses. Lot's of memories........good ones!


I remember the 15 cents burger in Albuquerque. That was four of us for under a dollar if we shared the fries. This was before the teen age years struck.


Fun memory! Thanks!

I remember when they advertised that you could feed a family of 4 and get change back from a 5 dollar bill. I also remember it was a big treat to go there. The sign numbers were a family joke, because my brother looked at the sign, thought it meant sold by that restaurant, and said "There can't be that many people in town to eat that many hamburgers" -- so as the numbers went up we kept saying the town has gotten alot bigger this week.


If they are still $.15 they might be getting OLD!!
Nice find.
Thanks Dave.


Hi warbler, Used to go to the early ones and get some of those 15 cents burgers. They were a treat for us. Missed you all and am glad to be back but did enjoy that grt-grandson.


I remember traveling from Nebraska to Memphis with my family in the 60's and having my first Mcdonalds burger along the road and while we were there, they were just changing the sign over to show 1 million burgers sold. We couldn't fathom that many burgers sold.(I had two and they were like 25 cents each)