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delivering power, Gratiot Co., MI

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wind towers in Gratiot, Co., MI, in the central part of lower MI -- see the towers in the distance as well


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Thank you, Elfie. ; )


We have them everywhere, on hills, in open landscape, out at sea!! Thanks so very much roseheather.


Environmentalists are working to place the wind towers away from areas where bird populations are. In addition, no energy source is free of problems. Power lines dotting the country side have long been a hazard for certain species. None is perfect.

There is damage from oil spills into waterways, there are health hazards from carbon emissions, there were canaries sacrificed in the production of coal in the past.


Those windmills never look big until you get up close and personal. We had a huge farm near us in CA and most of them were never turning so I do not know how they were generating electric. They did kill a lot of birds.


You are welcome, Gnt.


thanks for sharing with us Rose