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Fabric mix

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448 solves
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Thank you norkor : ))

fun puzzle thanks


Hi anther, thank you for your kind comment.
Yes, I am from Scotland, not-so-sunny-freezing-cold Glasgow, with two tartan legs, lol !!!
I have always dreamed of visiting Australia, ever since I was a little girl.
Where are your forebears from : ))


Great mix Debs. Some are a little pale but if I leave them to last then it's easier. Did I get it right that you are from Scotland? If so which part? My forebears were from there. I live in Australia. Thanks.


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, Gaillou!
Wow, how strange to go from snow to 70! We are forecast to have a warmish, dry week in May, then back to rain and our usual rubbish weather, for the rest of the year. I hope you get to enjoy your nicer weather, as you have had it tough this year : ))


Thank you, misslillie : ))


I really enjoyed this, Debs. Here in Minnesota we have had the 3rd snowiest April on record. More flurries are coming tonight, but by Sunday it's supposed to be close to 70! So we'll go from winter to summer! I'm sure the temperatures will get lower again though. Our last frost date is supposed to be May 15.

Delightful !!!


Hi Dagmar, thank you so much for your lovely comment : )) I am the same as you, hardly any time to do all the lovely puzzles, I must have about 300 bookmarked!

Our weather is like October/November. rather than Spring. There are still hardly any leaves on the trees, and certainly very few flowers to be seen. the weather almost everywhere seems to be rather dire for the time of year. We have learnt not to plant until at least May, as we have lost many plants over the last few years. Am I right in saying minus temperatures in Spain at this time of year, is quite unusual? I know how you must feel after all your hard work gardening, I hope you manage to salvage them in time.

I hope you manage to squeeze some time in at Jigidi, there's always fun and relaxation to be had here!!
It's always lovely to chat with you, and have a great Wednesday : ))


All these puzzles you are posting are just wonderful Debs, I've them all bookmarked, but I haven't got the slightest idea when I'll find the time to do them - I want to do the biggies LOL.
I hope everything in good old Scotland is fine. This coming weekend should be wonderful weather for you as winter is having a comeback here with minus temperatures which will play havock in my just neatly arranged garden for the summer. On Friday I will have to rush up to the mountains to save what can be saved. So I really do hope that at least you have a bit of spring as winter is coming back to Spain. :))
I'm really looking forward to do them all. :))))))