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Hester's Fine Feisty Freeloading Freddy Dreams of Doggie Biscuits in Spite of the Fact That......

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Hester, I truly enjoyed making this for Freddy's room. Of course you can do whatever you want with it....BUT I want to see Freddy's decorated room after you're finished. ;-)


Wendy, I just called back here and I missed all these comments! :-( It was a busy, busy weekend. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to print this out and frame it. I'll stop short of the full on biscuit decor...Freddy would be up all night licking the walls! Have I said what a great puzzle this is?? THANK YOU!


Oh, my! :-)))


gemstone, I'm sure it is! ;-)

Ardy, yes, Freddy is a lucky dog....and it would be fine by me if Freddy decided to stay. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle. I haven't had the time to read any comments today so I don't know why you'll be away, but whatever the reason is for, I hope you enjoy the time off....impossible though that seems to be (Jigidi is the most important thing I can think of). ;-)

OK, Pat, I admit that I added firecracker gun powder to the biscuit recipe.


Heck, they look as if they're exploding to me--there's a definite 3-D effect going on!


Freddy, you are one lucky dog. You can reach out and grab a biscuit whenever you want and in such beautiful surroundings. Wendy, you better watch out, Freddy made decide to stay in such fist class surroundings.

Thanks for a delightful puzzle. I was away from my computer most of today and will be again tomorrow.


Is this anywhere like juneshone's "trip" with decongestant meds? lol


Oh, Pat, I should have made the biscuits exploding! Well, on second thought, maybe not. Freddy is semi-comatose here....and he's not having a nightmare. LOL


Love the biscuit explosion! And Freddy, you are one hunk of a dog! Maggie and Cassie are slobbering all over the monitor!


I'm sooooo GLAD you like this, Hester. Are you serious about decorating Freddy's room? If you are, then I'd LOVE to see the end result.


Stunning, stupendous....oh, stuff the alliteration....this is just so darn clever, Wendy! And it's given me an idea for decorating Freddy's bedroom, aka the scullery! Although he might find it difficult getting to sleep with all those far-out, psycho-delic bones flying around! LOL Thanks so much...:-DD


Mandy, I 'borrowed' this photo from Hester....

She's online right now...I think, so eventually she should see that I used some alliteration. LOL
I like the background too, and so does Mr. Bugosi. LOL again!


What fun: I hope he got well rewarded for posing so beautifully!!! Wendy, I don't want to take the focus from the star of the shot, but the background is tremendously lovely, thanks.


Exactly, Mr. Bugosi!


Trippin' Freddy....Hee-Hee!......


.......Freddy already has perfectly functioning doggie biscuit radar. In other words, he really doesn't have to dream about doggie biscuits because his radar is sufficient to get him all the doggie biscuits he desires.