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Michigan weather

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There is a common statement in MI that if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.

The original cartoon is credited with a link to Colby Jones. [Copyright ©] Someone, on Facebook, took the original cartoon and adapted it for Michigan. One of my friends had copied it to her page.


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nice set Rose!


Thank you, Nancys.

It is interesting to learn that something we think is unique to our own state is a phrase that is used elsewhere as well.


We say that in Idaho too. The cartoon depicts southern Idaho perfectly


Thank you PLG and Dogmom.

It took some searching this am to find the original cartoon. I wanted to be sure to give credit to the cartoon's original creator.


We live in Newaygo County and saw all of this just yesterday!


Ha! Good one, RH! Thanks!


Thank you, Gnt, Doglovertoo, Roerick3, and LauraMcG.

Gnt - absolutely.

Doglovertoo -- I live in Calhoun County.

Roerick -- Yes, it is fun, at least I think so. I appreciate the cold days and prefer them to warmer ones.


Thanks for the chuckle, roseheather.


This comment is appropriate far any of us living around any of the Great Lakes because it also accurately predicts the weather in Mn. too. Only real difference here is our coldest hits -20 with even more wonderful wind chills. Our hi today is -2 degrees. Fun, Huh!


So hello fellow Michiganian! Just came in from grocery shopping, and the roads are pretty bad out there. Thought I would get out before the snow hit, but unfortunately it started while I was in the store. My car was covered. What county are you in?


good pic and that is Michigan weather never know what it may bring each day LOL


Unfortunately I am in a weather pattern which splits the new snow just to the north and just to the south of my county. We have about an inch, and I would like more! ; )

The cartoon aptly shows the weather in my area for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. While the temps were in the high 50's and we weren't sweltering under the heat, it was still a rapid change to cold weather by early Thursday morning.