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Yellow and Blue......

36 pieces
105 solves
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Thank you Ank.... :) :)


Wonder no more, they don't work as well... Instead of coming out at you, things run away from you.... :) :)


beautiful, thanks


Here's my question about those funny 3 D glasses.....if you already wear those funny glasses work as well? Just wondering.


This kind of 3D is good fun, way better than the kind we had to wear those funny glasses for.... Thanks, Suzy.... :) :)


No worries, dear Mimi, the fun it what it's all about.... Enjoy your day.... :) :)


I so like the 3 D look to this when it is solved. Well done, Sally!


I'm slow again, but I had fun and I like that!


Oops...... Ouch.... Royal Blue... Royal blue... ROYAL BLUE... See I can type Royal Blue.... Glad to hear there's more than one good Ophthalmologist still around... Don't you get yours soon.... Good fun seeing with new eyes... And for the good news.... Yee haw and Woopie... Wouldn't that be just the bees knees... 2014 is not that far off.... You two stay fit and healthy... We'll do likewise... Hugs and more hugs.... 'l' & 't' (please, observe lowercase)..... :) :)


The ingenuiity and beauty of this one took away my indignation about the fact that a wonderful, regal, Royal Blue was merely referred to as "blue" in the title. Nonetheless, this one was exceptional! I do know the name of a marvelous Ophthalmologist in Atlanta who could give PG a transplant extraordinaire! Just thought I'd pass that along! Now is as good a time as any for my news flash. Jim told me that 2013 has now become 2014 and New Zealand has now become Australia!! I don't know the month or the city. Wild and crazy, isn't it!!


Thank you ?nauts.... :) :)


Might have been the Magi, they get lost without GPS.... Thanks, Snooker.... :) :)


Oh, for evermore.... Quit your whinging...It's not professional... I know a good eye surgeon, who will fix you right up.... At the moment he only has crossed eyes to transplant... If that's OK with you....:) :)


Thanks, Shirley.... You know me and beveling, can't live without it.... :) :)


Most beautiful, indeed :))

Like the 3 blue squares top left moving off into the distance. They each have their own star.


Between you and her Arctic Foxness I have no more use of my eyes. I am headed to get a transplant. I love the three "D" look and will enjoy it even more when my vision returns.


This is beautiful, Sally, I love the up and down beveling very nicely done, Thank you Sally :):)


Thanks PLG.... The 3D look fascinates me.... Good to know you enjoy it too.... :) :)


I like this, Sally! Love the 3-D look! Thanks!