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Tapestry Picture - Floral - Pink Stargazer Lilies

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82 solves
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I enjoyed stitching this little 6x9" picture of stargazer lillies. I intend to frame it and hang it in the spare room sometime but I am notorious for not getting my tapestries made up into anything!


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That's still a really high score, and much better than I could do!


Well I can't get better than 1:10 no matter how many times I try lol.


Thanx Robbiel for your kind comments on my puzzles. I love the shells - they are amazing. I love anything to do with nature and natural things.


Hi nicco, I just solved a couple of your puzzles, you are very talented and they are all well done, thanks. Thanks very much for your interest in mine, I am so surprised how many people are interested in the shells.


Thanks, Lyndee, that's very true. I have enjoyed solving some of your puzzles tonight (well, this morning as it's 3.15am here in England!)


Very pretty. Looks like a lot of work have gone into it. But then again, it isn't work if you enjoy it.