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Ocean Plants

36 pieces
218 solves
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Kathy, I'm laughing now! ;-)


Wendy, I LOVE THIS PUZZLE!!!! Going to have to declare this among one of my favorites!!!!! Sooooooo talented you are my dear!!!!! We have 8 aquariums up and going right now, so I gravitate to this one. It would be beautiful framed and hung!!!!! And....oh...LOL....did I mention that I love this one!!! LOL LOL LOL Great job!!!!!


Hester, it's GREAT....but I had to magnify a portion of the puzzle or I would have missed Growly altogether!


Your wish is my command....

Blimey, this better be right this time!! LOL


Hester, I love the idea of addressing the puzzle to "Dingbat." I really do! And I will. And thank you again for your offer. I saw that you posted more puzzles and there is one that I'd like to see....the French Courtyard.

I'm pleased that you may now know how to cut and paste. ;-)


What a lovely thought, Wendy! If there's a next time, just put "for Dingbat!!" :-)
If there are any of my puzzles you'd like to see close up please let me know.
I am going to have plenty of jigidi time tonight and tomorrow and I THINK I may have cracked this cut & paste business! ;-)


Ardy, that is one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. I thank you so very much for telling me.

Hester, I was pretty sure you'd like this since you liked the others that are similar, but because I wasn't positive, I didn't dedicate this one to you. Just so you know, I had been thinking about it. :-)


Love, love, love it. And bite-size too, perfect for a quick "fix!" Thanks Wendy :-)


Lovely, Wendy. These look like underwater fairies flitting about giving the illusion of flowers for protection. It is really beautiful. I'm amazed that I have met someone who can create beauty like this. Thank you so much.


Br. Mugosi, I think you mixed the letters around but then I think you did it on purpose.
I only snorkeled once in my life but I absolutely loved it. I took a snapshot and this is what I saw.


This one is very good!....I felt like Cacques Jousteau, drifting in the deep (I had my snorkel on)......


I figured you'd like this size. ;-)


ooooooooo! just my size! LOL TYVM :)