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Squares 432/12 (36 squares per piece)

12 pieces
83 solves
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We are having the rain, lightning now. Should pass pretty quickly, a few hours, and we can use the rain.


Beautiful colors, and design Sue!! Much fun to do!! :)
We had a clear overcast day here too Sue, 22* temp, waiting for tonight, into tomorrows, big snow, sleet, snow storm!! Yuck!! Now they just said there may be lightning, and thunder too !!


Overcast here too, Barbara. Another cold front to come through. Georgia is being hit again with ice and snow...hopefully they are better prepared this time. Last month, children spent the night and stranded school buses, though some did make it back to the schools and were safe and warm there at least. What a disaster and only a few inches of snow. Here in the south, we don't know much about dealing with it, not the equipment to do so.


Lovely bright and cheerful on this grey day.