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Happy New year Gails, large

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250 solves
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TYVM leet and all the best for this New year..

Hi Gail, sorry for the delay to answer... was in the countryside with the family for the New Year... with no computer.. just an I Pad.. and bad internet.. Thank you so much for your nice comments, I am sure 2013 will be a great year for you and moving to Florida in warmer weather will definitively make you feel better! Cin cin to puzzling in 2013!

Always like your puzzles......thanks so much.


I just noticed in the title that you posted this for Queen Gail and Octomom Gail. Wonderful! I hope the other Gail sees this and enjoys it as much as I will. I'm 19% finished with the one you created for me last night, then on to this one. Can't wait!


What a terrific puzzle, Catherine. Another one where I'll do three sizes. Crazy, huh? (Except for the super-duper one, that is.)

I wanted to wish a happy New Year to you and your family. I hope the coming year brings you much happiness with your daughter's wedding. I've derived many hours of enjoyment from your puzzles. You've given me so much more than you can possibly imagine. Stuck at home most of the time, Jigidi has been an incredible resource for me and a great distraction from my physical problems. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, Catherine.

Here's to puzzling in 2013!