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Lady Snapdragon (smaller size)

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Lady Snapdragon said she thought they might
Give her a dress that wasn't white;
So Mother Nature chose for her
All the colours that there were.

1910 Margaret Tarrant/ CW Faulkner postcard.
This set of 6 Flower Fairies is Margaret Tarrant's earliest known work to appear on picture postcard.


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Great to hear from you @Capnjack . Glad you're still enjoying my puzzles. I've not had time to post them quite so frequently recently, but I still keep adding a few more when I get chance :)


I've bookmarked some of your new flower fairy puzzles and obviously, it's taking me a while to get to them! I really enjoyed this one - especially since I have lovely Lady Snapdragons in my garden right now - wearing a deep red gown. Thanks so much for posting.